Brandywine Australian & Silky Terriers

Breeding Top Winners and Producers for Over 25 years

Aus Am Ch Tineetown Topthashow

By getting an Australian Terrier for a pet more than two decades ago Phyllis and Randy Knight began their love affair with the breed.

This evolved into exhibiting the dogs and a selective breeding program focused on great temperaments and physical soundness. To date we have produced more than 60 Australian and Silky champions and have received numerous achievements and awards for all our hard work.

With some of the finest bloodlines from both America and Australia, we offer show prospects or pets in both colors; red or blue and tan. A written money back guarantee is provided with each puppy.

We are very proud of the happy and satisfied owners of our dogs. Families from all over the country enjoy their Brandywine puppies and we hear wonderful reports back from them in addition to adopting second dogs from us. We welcome the opportunity to bring more people the joy of owning an Australian or Silky Terrier.

Member Australian Terrier Club of America, Silky Terrier Club of America
and Columbia Kennel Club

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Phyllis and Randy Knight        Columbia, SC
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